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SHUT DOWN: Always turn heater off FIRST using the thermostat, if necessary, then shut off the pump.

FILTER: Shut valves (if necessary). Remove filter element and rinse well.

Soak in cup TSP (tri sodium phosphate or Cascade dishwasher detergent) mixed with 4 gallons water for an hour. Rinse well.

For metal stains you may use a 50% solution of muriatic acid (swimming pool acid) for 3 minutes and rinse well.

PUMP BASKET: When pump is off, shut both valves and remove pump lid. Remove the pump basket, clean, and replace. Be sure that the O ring under the pump lid is seated properly before tightening.

STARTING: Open the valves and start the pump. Run pump on high speed and check for leaks, then put pump on low speed. Bleed air from the top of the filter until water squirts out. !!TURN HEATER ON LAST!!

CHEMICALS: When refilling a 500-gallon spa from empty:

ADD: 1 or 2 tablespoons dry calcium hardness increaser.

ADD: cup baking soda.

ADD: to teaspoon granular chlorine.


DISINFECTING: Leave the bromine feeder open to inch, OR ADD: to teaspoon chlorine AFTER EACH USE.

For unusual bather loads ADD: to teaspoon chlorine immediately after using spa.

If the spa is hot and unused for 3 days, or if the spa is cold, then remove the bromine feeder until the next use (this will keep the bromine from becoming too concentrated, since the spa is not open to the air).

MAINTENANCE: Clean filter every 6 to 8 weeks, empty spa 3 or 4 times per year.

Clean spa using Simple Green or any scratchless cleaner.

Fast Gloss or auto wax may be used on the acrylic,

Saddle soap may be used sparingly on the cover.

SEA Clear clarifier will cause solids to glob together, to be removed by the filter, and will pre coat a clean filter for easy rinsing.

Oxy-Shock will oxidize organic material, use it along with clarifier to "polish" the water, then clean the filter.

REMEMBER: Baking soda will Raise pH, chlorine or bromine will lower pH.


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